Escondido Campus update – Thursday night

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Escondido Campus update – Thursday night

Hello Blanchard Associates:
I hope this message finds everyone safe and sheltered again this evening. While many Blanchard associates have had difficult evacuation situations, we have not yet heard of any loss of home or property within the Company. The office continues to be in good shape despite the threatening San Marcos fire that continues to burn.

Given the continuing fire situation, the planned school closures for tomorrow, and the current evacuation status of the area around State Place, we will again request a “work from home” policy for Friday. If conditions improve by morning (including air quality), and the evacuation is lifted, then we would support a minimal crew of employees who can make it into the office to support key business and customer-related functions.

The T4T today was successfully shifted over to the Radisson hotel around midday, and we are recommending that the final day take place at the Radisson as well. Thanks to the many of you that continue to make our customers feel safe and cared for while they are managing to enjoy an incredible learning experience despite the unpredictable circumstances.

We are hopeful that the conditions improve through the night and that the temperatures drop and winds reduce as is currently forecasted for Friday. The firefighting community continues to do an incredible job saving so many homes throughout San Diego.

Take good care, and please contact Sally Smith with any information, needs, or questions.


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