Wild Fire Crisis – President’s Message

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Wild Fire Crisis – President’s Message

Message from Howard Farfel

Hello All:

I wanted to provide a brief update on the office situation and the outlook.  The office is open with a limited team and is in good shape.  We do have a full T4T of customers in this week, and Alan Youngblood and John Hester are here and preparing to lead today’s session as long as the situation remains safe – they are in great spirits and ready to dive in – amazing……

The fire situation will continue to be a threat today due to extremely high temperatures, however, the wind conditions are expected to improve.  Unfortunately, the San Marcos fire continues to be the most concerning and is the closest to the office.  We will monitor the fire situation closely and will communicate any major change in the situation as needed.

Our prayers continue to go out to the many people that have been evacuated, and we are thankful for the incredible firefighting efforts that made progress through the night and will continue to battle throughout the day.

All the best,

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